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design atelier

Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery

competition, 2nd prize

The new Memorial Room dedicated to the fallen victims of the Warsaw Uprising will be built in the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery, which is located around the old clay pit. At the cemetery there is an existing monument - a small hill. It was erected with the ashes of the citizens who died during the Warsaw Uprising. The cemetery is not commonly known. It is also not well visible from the road. The designed building will become a gate marking the entrance to the cemetery and pointing to the old monument. It will be an arcade that misses the continuity of columns. In the centre, where there are no supports, the concrete roof will slightly bend. The Memorial Room that keeps the memory of the people who died in the Uprising will be placed in the ground under the arcade.

set of images


main entrance to the courtyard
view to the existing monument over the clay pit
flexible working space
memorial room as an entrance gate to the cemetery
new design of the courtyard
front view
side entrance
view from the cemetery park
side entrance
platform with a distant view to the monument
side entrance
the arcade covers memorial walls and the entrance to the Memorial Room
side entrance
way out of the Memorial Room
side entrance
way out of the Memorial Room
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City of Warsaw

Karol Żurawski

structural engineer Maciej Łuczak


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Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery