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design atelier

Operalab pavilion, Warsaw

competition, 1st prize

Mobile pavilion for the Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera was planed to be an easily adaptable space for organizing concerts, lectures and exhibitions to be set up in different locations. The anthracite curtain sets the space dedicated to the art of theatre and opera, the art of images, words and music. It is hard, it has the ability to fade the distracting surrounding, its noise and light. It encourages concentration. A small opening in the closed curtain raises curiosity, invites you to explore the mystery hidden inside. The curtain is not meant to separate and hide but it is there to be crossed. At the same time, it is very plastic and can be shaped – the enclosed pavilion easily becomes an open space. The curtain gives a whole spectrum of possibilities for opening / closing the pavilion. One space – a lot of places: the pavilion can create a variety of situations. The dark curtain plane is a tranquil background for the wealth of forms, richness of worlds that can exist there. Much depends on the imagination of the future directors of this space.

set of images


main entrance to the courtyard
outside view
flexible working space
temporary pavilion set up in a specific city context
new design of the courtyard
exhibitions easy to ‘lift up‘ to make space for discussions etc.
side entrance
small concert
side entrance
pavilion set up next to an existing building, an example of a theatre play
side entrance
curtain lifted up for an event, night view
side entrance
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Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera

Karol Żurawski

structural engineer Neven Kostic


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Operalab pavilion